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Environmental Education

In Teacher’s Training Institutes


Environmental Education In Teacher’s Training Institutes


It is a 12-weeks and 4 credits certificate course. In this course the teacher educators will be able to understand the environmental changes that are causing damage to our planet. The field of environmental education is available resource for learning about the nature, natural issues of relevance and the means of managing ecosystem in a balanced way. Creating an awareness of the environment must be given due importance in teacher’s training institutes and in our classrooms.

Learning Outcomes

This course will enable the teacher educators to:

1. Understand about the concept and importance of Environmental Education.
2. Elaborate various dimensions of Environmental Education with effective Environmental Education programs.
3. Focus on the challenges of Environmental Issues with special reference to teacher’s training institutes.
4. Explain various approaches for Environmental Education curriculum and teaching methodologies with special reference to school curriculum.
5. Familiarize them with environmental ethics and sustainable development.
6. Equip them with the essential and required skills for development of environmental awareness and sensitization to make them environment friendly.
7. Elaborate the various teaching methodologies suitable for teaching about environmental issues and updates.
8. Explain value oriented environmental education.
9. Develop proper awareness about environmental protection Acts and Right to health.
10. Sensitize the teacher educators towards various environmental problems and issues in the community and make them able to work with the community through different educational activities.
11. Know more about environmental education programs in India and abroad with special reference to teacher education.
12. Develop research attitude and decision-making abilities towards environment and sustainable living.

Course Tutors

Dr. Rasna Sehrawat


Amity Institute of Education

Prof. Ahrar Husain


Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

Mrs. Rajesh Dhankhar


Department of Education Sciences, Rohtak

Dr. Faiza Abbasi

Assistant Professor


Environmental Education In Teacher’s Training Institutes runs over a 12 week period. You will be required to attend the classes as well as listen to online lectures.